Our Chatham Hills Open House was a great success!

We had around 40 people come out to meet The Gradison team, learn about the development and enjoy food catered by Craig Baker from The Local.   Thank you to everyone in attendance including Steve Henke and his team.  Contact us for the latest information on the upcoming community.  We look forward to being part of such a great development!

Timberstone Spec Home

Come check out the progress on our available Timberstone spec home! You will be amazed by the finish level, functional design and outdoor living area located just a short walk from the community pool. Give me a call to schedule a showing today! Estimated completion mid-September.


Chatham Hills Builder’s Open House

The Chatham Hills Builder’s Open House on August 20th was a success!   With the completion of the Chatham House and lot selection on the horizon, the much anticipated Westfield golf course community is quickly becoming a reality.  Plans for the community feature a Championship Golf Course designed by legendary Pete Dye, fitness classes indoors and out on the terrace, hike and bike trails connecting to the Monon Trail, private dogpark and much more.

As an exclusive and experienced golf course builder we are here to point out the things you aren’t thinking about when it comes to lot selection and building your dream home. Contact us for more information on the community, lot selection or to schedule a tour.   See you soon!


Trends in the Custom Housing Market

The custom building market is improving and evolving. The days of oversized McMansions with  seldom-used formal rooms and wasted space have passed.  Buyers are now transitioning into “right sized” homes that are smart and efficient in design and livability. The desired styles are evolving towards clean and simple, often mixing rustic elements such as hand-hewn barn doors and beams with sleeker lines. The eclectic result is a perfect balance of modern with ties to timeless and classic elements. It is a wonderful time for builders and buyers alike.

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Interview with Mark Gradison: 6 Considerations When Purchasing Land for Your Dream Home

The first step in building your dream home is choosing the right piece of land for your future home. Most likely you have a certain location in mind, but are you considering all the right factors in making your property dreams come true? A keen understanding of the details is not only important, but critical in staying on budget and achieving the overall feel and goal of your home. Mark Gradison has years of experience in development and construction and has outlined six key areas of consideration when evaluating a potential site.

  1. Grade of the Land
    The slope of the lot needs to be evaluated to determine how it will affect the livability of the site. Knowing how to properly evaluate the grade along with an understanding of possible approaches allows Mark to set the proper expectation of what design elements can be incorporated into your home, along with the costs associated. For example, walkout sites are more expensive to build due to more exterior walls, which include stone, brick, windows and doors etc., but can also be a great advantage for those looking for the extra livable space. Location of the home and slope of the driveway should also be considered as well as dirt balance as it relates to excavating basements.
  2. Utilities
    Are there city utilities available to the site? If not, it is important to evaluate the work and cost associated with making them available.
  3. Home Orientation for Energy Efficiency
    The orientation of your home can affect the energy efficiency in ways you may not have considered. For example, the rear of the home facing south is better for solar gain in the winter and fewer windows on the north side of the home are better during the warmer months. Utilizing trees and larger overhangs in your home design on a home facing northwest can greatly increase the energy efficiency.
  4. Drainage
    Ensuring that water flows away from the home is critical for any site. For a site in a neighborhood, it’s important to verify that swales are in place to direct water flow. If it is an estate or acreage site, a reasonable drainage solution needs to be planned.
  5. Construction Access
    In order for your dream home to be built on the site, it is important to verify it’s accessibility. Does the site have public right of way frontage or adequate ingress/egress easements? Are the roads suitable for construction traffic?
  6. Site Work
    Properly evaluating site work will give an all-encompassing idea of costs that will be incurred to build your home on the lot. This includes tree clearing, utilities, drainage, fill and dirt balance. Having the proper expectation of these costs up front will save you a lot of heartache throughout the construction process.

While these points will help guide your thinking as you explore land, it is always important to consult a professional prior to moving forward. No one wants to start building their dream home only to find out they spent more than hey planned on the lot!

For more information on Mark Gradison please visit www.gradisonbuilding.com

Community of The Month: Timberstone

Welcome to Gradison Design-Build’s first official blog! In honor of our first post, I thought it would be great to feature our newest community in Fishers. As you continue to read our blogs, you will learn more and more about us as a company, our building philosophy and our process. I am positive that with each blog you read, you will become a bigger fan of our product and who we are as a builder. To keep it brief, I have broken down the top three features of a community that you (along with many others) are asking for in a location. If you can relate to these features, Timberstone may be just the place for you!

I want to be close to shopping, restaurants, schools and recreation.

Located just off 104th and Olio, Timberstone is within walking distance to Geist Elementary school and a 5 minute drive to the Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate and High Schools. Shopping, restaurants, grocery stores, fitness classes- you name it- are all within a 2-10 minute drive down Olio Road. Spend your summer days at the community pool or take the family on Geist Reservoir for a day on the boat. No matter what you like to do in your free time, Timberstone is within minutes.

My kids need friends in the community!

One drive through Timberstone on a nice day after school or the weekend and you will be convinced your kids will fit right in. With only 106 lots in the community and the unique set up of cul de sacs, you can watch your kids play outside while you enjoy your brand new kitchen or family room.

If I Build a Custom Home, I Want the Rest Of the Neighborhood to be Custom.

The importance of preserving your home value can’t be stressed enough. We all want to make sure we are making a sound investment in our home purchase for years to come. Building a custom home in an unfinished community can sometimes bring an understood risk of who will fill the remainder of the lots and what type of product they will bring. Gradison Design-Build understands this risk and has taken the appropriate steps in Timberstone to ensure a fully finished community of custom homes. With only 20 custom lots remaining, the threat of decreasing values is non-existent.

Custom Homes in Westfield, Indiana

Westfield is a city on the move and that move is straight up. The recently completed Grand Park promises to bring thousands of visitors to town and the interest created will surely spawn more commercial and residential growth. Ever since building the Midwest Dream Home in Viking Meadows, Gradison has had a strong presence in Westfield. We plan to expand this presence over the coming years and are looking forward to shaping our designs to match the needs of our clients.

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Custom Homes in Fishers, Indiana

As one of the fastest growing communities in America, it is important that Fishers continues to build value. This is true in the infrastructure provided by the municipality, the quality of the commercial buildings and also by the value built into the residential market. The surest way to provide enduring value is to build a custom home. The attention paid to design, planning, materials and construction practices will pay off now…and in the future. This site is dedicated to providing the information you need to make an informed building decision.

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